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Double Diamond Car Beauty Centre is established as one of the top innovative car beauty centre in Malaysia. We provide a long-term car beauty care to regain the shining and to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicles at utmost satisfaction level. You have peace of mind while we pay great attention to your vehicles by CCTV monitoring in our centre furthermore we have extremely strict standard of efficiency and effectiveness. You can just relax at the shopping mall. We strive to deliver the highest quality service as well as a personal and friendly experience to all customers. “Quality makes quantity”.


As a “one-stop car beauty centre”, we provide you with complete car beauty services include washing, polishing, waxing, head lamps polishing, engine cleaning, cushion or leather seat cleaning, sport rim coating, windscreen treatment, interior anti-bacteria treatment and any other vehicle parts cleaning. After the cleaning by our expertly trained technicians using the quality products, you have your car back on the road looking as shinning as diamond!


Mission :

To ensure customer’s beloved vehicle is always clean and shine like a diamond. “No chance for dust and dirt!”

Vision :

To achieve Malaysia first innovative concept car beauty centre and to penetrate car beauty industry in Malacca by having at least 10 branches in Malacca region.



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